Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Arrival of FCS F-22!

Please know that this post will be very image heavy!!! <3<3<3

I didn't think I was supposed to pick up my doll until the 13th or so, so when I ended up getting a postcard in the mail from Volks saying that my girly was done, I was so excited that I wanted to pee myself! hahaha!  Unfortunately, I couldn't just run to Nipponbashi to pick her up since I had an appointment at the Apaman Shop for settling on the apartment. But I will get to those details later! lol

So, after finishing what needed done at the Apaman Shop, I nearly sprinted my butt all the way back to the dorms and then tried getting my room mates to sprint with me all the way to Esaka Station. XD  lol  But I had waited 2 months for this!!!  I had everything ready, everything I needed and wanted gathered for her arrival, and I was absolutely STOKED!

At the same time though, I was worried about the faceup.  I was not sure exactly what to expect, and my doll is white skinned and the faceup may end up being too harsh for the skin tone.  This is what bothered me the most about all of this.

The trains were not too terribly crowded when we got on, so we got to sit down for the many stops until Nipponbashi.  We had to change trains at Namba though. The bad thing about all this?

It was 2 hours until closing time and I knew there was still a walk when we arrived at Nipponbashi.  But the excitement was so much that I could barely contain myself!!   D: 

Sooo....arrival at Volks...  I nearly thrusted the papers onto the desk (lol) and the ladies were highly amused at my excitement. :)  The ladies who helped with my FCS process were there and were both just as excited as well to see how my F-22 turned out. :)  

And when they brought the box out...and opened her up...(I swear I thought I was going to die when she took her time removing the Styrofoam. XP )...and she was beautiful!  

The FCS came with some extras:  wig brush, wig oil spray, cleaning eraser, birth certificate, booklet, and faceplate. (most dolls DO come with face plates when you buy them, especially if they are from company and have faceups. The face plates are a must have to protect a faceup.)

The asked if I wanted to carry her or put her in the box and take her that way (I think...couldn't even PROCESS the Japanese because of my excitement.. ROFL ), and we ended up taking her in the box home.  They gave us a really awesome Volks Tote Bag to put the box in and carry with. :)  SUUUPER awesome! 

I ended up purchasing a wig cap for her in addition to the rest of the stuff. The wig cap was only a few yen and I want to keep her head protected from stains at all costs.

So then there was the ride home and....It.Was.Hell.

Probably seemed like a longer time than necessary since I was dying internally to get home and get playing with my new arrival. :) 

Granted, we stopped at McDonald's and browsed through Animate (as usual) before actually heading off in the direction of Esaka. 

On the train, we got in the Women's Only car.  There was this guy that got on though, and he was standing a little too close for comfort.  He would reach around the girls pretending to hold onto something as an excuse to be touching them, and then this other guy I wanted to punt when he ran onto the car and groped all the standing ladies while pretending to "push them aside" to "let him through".  =_=  OMG  Makes me wonder though..wouldn't the ladies only cars be more prone to sexual advances since men know that there are only women on the cars, and the chances that they would protest are slimmer than it seems?  Of all the women on that car, no one said anything to any of the men.  I wonder why the hell all these geezers seem to think that this form of molestation is okay?  Are they not getting it up at home?  Are they not getting anyone at all? Gee. Wonder. Freggin. Why.  *rolls eyes*

So anyway...

Getting into the dorm, I was exhilarated! I could literally feel my heart beating as quickly as it could the entire walk from Esaka Station. XD  lol   So when I got home to do the box opening ceremony, there was a huge sense of relief. But for some reason I feel as though I didn't enjoy as much as I could...I think I rushed it a little bit.  PFFFFTTTTttt!

Amanda, Shelby, Melissa, Sam and Kris were all there for it!  8D  It was a party! lol  

She is quite heavy...heavier than I expected. ^^  And absolutely gorgeous!

But the faceup was a little too harsh for her white skin. :(   However, it was not terrible and is not terrible now.  It just takes time to get used to the contrast of shading and...no pigment. O.O   

After having her for two days now, I have started to realize that it may not be the faceup or skintone that is completely bothersome, but the fact that I do not have my other doll, Akira, here to complete the couple. 

In the storyline, Artemis (Rogue's real name) and Akira are engaged, but Akira gets killed in a battle before they married.  Kuro no Hana (黒の花) is a love story between a princess and her knight.  A romance that should have been forbidden, but they were betrothed due to political reasons.  A great war breaks out between two planets, and Akira's death marks the end of the war and brings peace. But Artemis has been left behind, and eventually she dies of grief.  Years later, she is reborn, and Akira returns as a "living" ghost to protect Artemis's reincarnation from those who wish to end the peaceful reign of the universe.  The whole story is actually quite a train wreck, and even though I have been writing it for so long, I feel that it is far from complete. 
(btw...I know this is not necessary..however...please know that all materials are copyrighted and belong to me, Aislinn Riley and/or the Celtic Rose Project.)

I ended up finding a doll for Akira before I actually found the perfect one for Rogue.  He is a 60 cm Dollcot Loon.  (Dolkot Loon Default)  His faceup was repainted by my awesome friend Lady Samhainne, with lovely smokey eyes and BEAUTIFUL, luscious lips... Akira is just stunning and I can't wait to have him next to his beloved at last!  <3<3<3  Oh the photoshoots and photostories!! 8D

So! Here is the box opening for everyone to see! :D

Box Opening Ceremony: VOLKS FCS F-22
Rogue Riley

Awesome Super Dollfie Tote! :D

Hmmm..I wonder what's'in here?

Two wigs, booklet, certificate, etc...
Instruction and Care Manual






And finally!!!

I present to you....

Rogue Riley

Japan Series I

My Memories of You Series

(I am going to leave this here for now, and then update the rest of it tomorrow. :)  Plenty of things about the apartment to write!! <3)


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