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Yellow Fried Chickenz: Show Your Soul (Namba Hatch, Osaka)

(please beware of use of language in this post!  I have a gazillion emotions to portray, and no words are able to correctly portray them.  So please skip over them if they bother you. Also, please know that I will be going back and forth between Gackt and Gackt-san, so please do not take much mind to this. ^////^  I apologize if it bothers you.) 

~Close your eyes ! Feel your soul ! All your love, SHOW YOUR HEART ! ~

Wow. It's been nearly an entire month since I have updated!! D:  I am so sorry everyone!!!

So. The live can be summed up in a single word:  pure awesome.  Then again, perhaps that is two words. But either way, the live can not be described or summed up (in actuality) with mere words.

How do I feel now that I have gotten to do the one thing I wanted to do before I died?  Complete. This was the most enlightening experience for me since coming to Japan for the first time, but even THAT does not compare to the amount of completion I got from being able to be THERE. With HIM.  Oniisama...

And that is really how I do feel.  Gackt is my oniisama (I feel that oniiSAN is not formal enough. I feel uncomfortable using a less formal oniisan when referring to Gackt. I apologize if this bothers any one of you in any way, but this is something important to me, and I don't expect anyone to understand. :) So please just enjoy my review of the live. ^^). He has inspired me and helped me through the darkest times in my life.  It is without a doubt that I would not be here if it were not for him. I have dedicated my life to thanking this man, and I feel that this was one step closer to that. I can not see this man as a sex symbol (that's just disgusting). I can not fathom seeing this man as a "god" as a lot of fans like to see him as. Gackt is God.  Guh.  =_=  I get so tired of hearing that

Maybe it is because I have viewed the man as a brother figure and male influence in my life that I never had and never will have that I completely and totally am unable to comprehend the sexual symbolism, the eroticism, and the overall "hotness" that this man possesses.  Maybe it is because I have a deep, soul-bound devotion and respect for the man and his music that I can not think of him as anything other than a big brother.

To be able to have gone....I can't begin to describe the swell of emotions inside of me...

So instead, I am going to give you a brief recount of the day. ^^

Outside the Namba Hatch

I wanted to go with Chammy and Kris, but they didn't have the money to go, so instead I went with a friend of a friend, Base バセ.  She is super nice and awesome! :D   She and I also have a lot of common interests, so the two of us hit off rather quickly and easily. ^^  

The day before leaving, I had gotten my hair redone. Overall, I am SUPER happy with the results. :) It is now style-able, manageable, and CUTE!! Not to mention my head feels a ton lighter. lol  I have always been fond of J-rock styles, and at LAST!!! I FINALLY GET ONE!!!! <3

New hair.

To get to the live, we had to go to the Namba Hatch. We took Tengachaya and changed trains once. The fare was relatively expensive, but we HAD to get there some way. >.<

Since we arrived about 5-6 hours early, we went to go grab a bite after we peeked in on the Hatch and looked around. :)  They were setting up the merchandise table at this time. No one else was there besides the staff.  Japanese don't usually get to a concert a gazillion hours early like a lot of Americans do, at least, not that I have heard or noticed.   There were also boxes with each of the band members' names on them, where fans could feel free to leave omiyage (gifts) for their favorite member(s). =^.^=

We walked from the Hatch, and walked...and walked....maybe it was not THAT much of a walk, but still... It was pretty far just to find a place to eat.  There was a super expensive restaurant just outside, but we did not have the money for there. >.<  So instead we went to the same gyudon place that is here in Kandaimae (not the matsuya). It was bigger, and much nicer.  There was a wall separating eating space from kitchens and counter, and another wall separating two sections of the eating space.  Base and I sat next to the wall close to the kitchen window.
(I had a bunch of stuff typed here about the awesomeness that occurred at the restaurant, but I am absolutely MORTIFIED and embarrassed and I can not bring myself to actually post it. :( )

Eating before heading to Kandaimae station.  Maria and Sam. Aren't they just so cute!! \=^。^=/

So after leaving, we went to h.Naoto... I love that lolita/punk fashion brand, and it was great to have the opportunity to go in. ^_^  

Inside the Namba Hatch about 4 hours before the show. (already taken my contact lens out. It really hurt. :()

And then back to the Hatch.

My left eye was hurting me since I first put in my circle lens.  I was wearing two different ones, both of them really old.  The blue one was fine, but the purple one had once dried out, and I was STUPID for putting that blasted thing in my eyeball. =_=   All night my eye hurt hurt HURT.  By the end, it was flaring red and I couldn't see out of it.  I removed my eyelashes (fake ones. xP)  on that side as well as the makeup to prevent further irritation.  I actually wasn't bothered that my face looked lopsided with half maked-up and half not.  I didn't care.  My eye's health was in the balance!!!  

When we arrived back to the hatch, there were four people in line for the merch table.  They nearly immediately let us all in by the time we got to the line. Perfect timing!!  

Beautiful Osaka outside the Namba Hatch

I ended up spending more than I should have. But I am a shopoholic, and I shop when I am nervous, depressed or having feelings of anxiety.  I shop to quell these feelings, and I am aware that this is most likely a psychological conditioning at this point and I should most likely see someone about it before I do the exact same thing to my bank account that Gackt-san did to Malice Mizer's all those years ago... (if you want details, GO READ HIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY!!  Jihaku.)

I ended up getting a t-shirt, a muscle shirt, a pillow, a mug, a poster, a towel, and (of course) the little YFC vibrator cellphone strap. XDDDDDDDDD   Just for kicks and giggles! XD  At the end of the live, I got a cd to further support Oniisama as my usual "thank you".  

A coin locker was certainly in order.

Sooo..lining up.  When I saw where we were placed with our number (1206 and 1207), I was horrified!  D:   SO many people would be in front of us, and we wouldn't be able to see!! D:  I was beginning to think if it was worth it, and then I was able to slap myself out of the stupor and the stupid, train of thoughts. Why the hell WOULD IT NOT be worth it? I'm supporting oniisama! Even if I don't get to SEE him, at least my money is going to him and supporting him.  

But when we got to the stage, I was extremely surprised to see that we were really close to the stage.  Still had perfect view of everyone's faces, expressions, etc.  So it was NOT bad. Though I would have liked to have been closer, you can't look a gift horse in the mouth.

~You are the reason that fills me. You are the meaning that gives me all. あなたがきたから~YFC

So we are standing there, waiting for the show to start.  Gackt-san had made a commentary before the live to get us all riled up during equipment tuning.  There were issues with the drums, so we ended up running 15 mins behind schedule.  I know Gackt-san was probably throwing a shiz fit behind stage because suddenly he was standing at the edge of the stage (hard to NOT make out that arrogant posture and horrendous hair) and a bunch of technical men ran onto the stage to get the drums set. 

And the show started. 

~The end of the day begins...~ YFC

I thought JON was going to make me ralf up all the awesome gyudon I ate earlier. :(   It is not because I dislike JON because he is not "Japanese" or not "Gackt-Job", it is because of his stereotypical, Euro-western Rock-star behaviour that I can't STAND his ass on that stage!!  Gackt humps the stage or air.  JON humps his HAND... =_=  WTH?   Certainly the live is sexual, but with everything that happened with JON, you would have thought they were filming a live action Boy's Love. =_=   Not that I have a problem with it, but it was actually a bit disgusting.  Maybe again, this has to do with my feelings for Gackt that are not sexual in any way.  But still.... It was repulsing. :(

At one point, JON decided to take it on himself to butt-rape (dryly) Gackt-san until both of them acted out fake orgasms.

~Come forward. I'll be your wonder. I'll give you the pleasure. I want you. I want you.~ YFC

You know, I don't think I should have a problem with it.  I don't feel that I have that right.  They can do whatever. But you want to know how it feels?  

Imagine your mother telling you about every single escapade she's ever had in bed, in DETAIL, and then FORCING you to watch her have hot, steamy, unadulterated SEX with your father (or her lover) and then proceed to force you to tell her what other positions you want them in....

Yeah.  It's like that.  Does your brain hurt?  Do you need some bleach? Sorry, Japan doesn't have awesome bleach.  This will forever stain on the brain....

Maybe this is the overall problem?  Or maybe it is also the issue I have that JON's voice kinda sounds like a dying, screeching cat? His voice broke a couple times during some of the songs, and it was really difficult to NOT cover my ears. :(   He can sing certain songs, but his voice is not appropriate for attempting Gackt's traditional songs such as Vanilla and Mind Forest.  He had a great voice when it came to newer songs that did not involve Gackt's originals or Gackt-only lyrics. He CAN sing, but just not something that requires Gackt's extreme vocal range.

JON would rile the crowd, start little competitions, help Gackt give unadulterated fanservice, and in the meantime, get in trouble by the staff backstage..
Oh yea.  The moment JON had girls fondling his crotch, patting his crotch, and grabbing his crotch and he made more attempts to keep them touching him, was the moment that the back-stage folks pulled him off of those poor girls. It was obvious that those gestures that JON had made were NOT appropriate for a family event...despite the dry humping, orgasm-simulating, and clothes shredding happening on the stage. XD  But the touching had gone a little too far.  Thighs, abs, etc were all fine. 

At one point, the guys who were helping JON and Gackt keep from over heating accidentally knocked JON's ear piece out of his ear...he looked like he got extremely upset. >.<  Poor guy. It had to have been embarrassing (even if just a little),  frustrating, and probably messed up his count and what he was supposed to be doing. But accidents do happen. That is unavoidable.

I am not so certain that I approve of this, but I completely understand why it is being done.  Diversity, something completely new being brought to the Gackt-Job table, something fresh...I think it is a brilliant maneuver, and I think that it will cause great success.

A little more of Namba Hatch. We lined up on these steps by ticket number.

However, I do NOT think that JON was/is trying to be better or out-do Gackt-san while on the stage.  A lot of my friends seem to think so, but I don't.  After watching the way the two of them work together, they both look as though they are equally dividing the work, the crowd and both having just as much fun together as the other. :)  As much as I personally don't like some of what JON brings to the table, I don't have anything really much against him.  ^.^
I know that in Japan, fans have special chants and hand movements that go along with a certain artist.  It pleases me that I am aware of the chants and movements that go along with Gackt's lives, and so I did not feel out of place. :)  Not at all.  

The live itself actually seemed a bit short, but probably because I was so into it and HAPPY...that I couldn't think of the time or how long it took..  Though I sincerely wish that my eye was not hurting so much. :(

~I want you! I need you! Want your kiss! Anything! And if there's anytime, you make me lose my mind! You turn me on. You shoot me. I need it, on my face. My master, I'll be your slave. Every night. Every way." YFC

During the live, there was a part where Gackt-san said "Do you want me!?"  And JON looks to the other half of the venue and says, "No me! And he would start to get the fans to try and cheer for him.  Gackt-san saw him and then he looked to the other half of the venue, and said, "Hey! You want ME, right!?" So everyone would cheer on that side!  JON had his side boo Gackt-san when Gackt-san would  have his side screaming for him, and vice versa.  It was super fun!  And when we would cheer for Gackt-san, JON made a disappointed face and said, "C'MON!?! WHAT!?! NOOOO!!! NO! NO!!! D:"  lol  The whole thing was great! lol

Vanilla was super fun! Despite the odd duet, Vanilla was a high-energy, dance inducing, and smile stretching song!  <3  As always!  

Before the live, I changed (like most of the others) into my YFC tshirt and (like most others) wore my YFC towel around my neck. ^_^   

It was slightly disappointing when Mind Forest was, in fact, performed in English, but again, I think this has a lot to do with diversity in YFC and Gackt-Job.  I don't personally like the English version of Mind Forest.  Speaking of which, new English verse additions were added to EVER....Which was also a bit off-putting. >.< 

Vanilla was awesome as usual. :)  With Gackt-san's trademark flail and dance routine.

Towards the end, Gackt-san changed his dialect to Osaka-ben!  lol  It was so cute!

One thing I noticed that is different here than in the States (one of the MANY things...) that encores are so much different.. At least the crowds' behaviors.  They are so...QUIET.. I don't think this is good. :(  Encores should not be taken in a 'oh well' kind of way.  There is great joy in screaming "ENCORE!" "ENCORE!" "ENCORE!" Or like during Dir en grey lives back home shout "ENKORU!" "ENKORU!" "ENKORU!" It lets the band know you WANT them there.   Tells them you ARE interested.  That you are fully into their show and you don't want them to leave.  Therefore they gift you with another song or two.

When Dir en grey first came to St. Louis, they were an opening band, but because we demanded an encore so strongly, they ended up playing more songs than the headlining band.  :)  

I didn't get pictures, but cameras are not allowed in.  But I did get some pics of the Hatch outside. :)  And Base got all sorts of pictures inside. XD  I'm not sure how she did it though. :/  She got away with it and made it out in one piece. lol  


Another difference I noticed was that during rock concerts, there is no pushing, shoving etc......not even real ROCKING.  Hardly anyone actually touches each other..maybe it was because I was more towards the back?? But still, from what I could see, there was not much of a fuss.  I didn't move from my spot all night.  Back home, I would have shifted over to the other end of the room because of all the movement. So different.

But I am not thinking these are bad things. :)  They are merely culture differences. ^_^ 

The realization that I was actually THERE did not hit me until I was standing in front of that stage, staring at the daunting, foreboding Yellow Fried Chickenz logo in a vibrant red.  It was actually a bit creepy, and the creepy background music playing did not help the case. lol 

I cried. A lot. Knowing that I was THERE.  Actually being able to finally do was and still is everything to me.

YFC Merchandise I got


I also donated to the Show Your Heart to help with the March 11 Disasters. Thus, the Show Your Heart sticker on top of the towel. The front two are shirts. The thing wrapped in plastic is a mini pillow.

Show Your Heart is a charity created by Gackt and his team to help raise money, goods and other necessities for the disasters of March 11, 2011 and thereafter.  All proceedings go towards Tohoku region and all effected families.
There is still so much to cover about the live.  But I don't think I can FULLY cover or explain it all...that and I am really excited to post this review. lol

But until the next one, I love you all!

~The end of the day
Boku no koe wa
As we make the way
Ima mo anata ni
The end of the day
Todoite imasu ka
As we make the way
Living for tomorrow~

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