Saturday, September 10, 2011

Osaka: Orientation Day 2 & a Little Umeda

Today was perhaps the most nerve wracking part of orientation....the placement test. @.@  I do NOT test well, and I freak out during them. *cry*  But oh well. :)  Whatever happens happens. It was not a pass or fail.  The test did have different parts:  Computer (listening, grammar, reading, vocabulary), Written, Oral interview. Ganbare minnasan!

After the placement test, I had to go and visit with the International Affairs Office and my advisor to discuss how to go about getting a job and joining Kendo club.  I was curious because I heard that there was a weight limit to join certain clubs, and Bennett sensei was so funny!  He started to "freak out" and go: "Oh my! I didn't know that I had a limit weight on my club! D:  I wish I would have known about it before~!!"  LOL  He was really hilarious and helpful.  I also mentioned to him about me wanting to take his naginata class.  I love martial arts, and I am excited to continue to take martial arts here. ^.^
Not only did I get to mention that I wanted to join kendo to the instructor, but I also got invited to take nihon buyou dance lessons from one of the other professors at Kansai University. :)  I am VERY happy to continue to learn nihon buyou in Japan. <3   The professor was very happy that I learn and dance, and that I am interested in it. Nihon buyou is not as popular as it should be, and the society it is involved in is very closed.

Originally, we were going to go to Nipponbashi to find the Volks showroom, Tenshi no Sumika, but instead we hung out in Umeda for a while and grabbed some noms. We were famished by the time we got out of the placement tests and meetings, and then there was the ride to find a nice place to eat.  We were supposed to go to a SukiYa, but we were not quite sure where it was located, and we were too hungry to go and look. Instead we went to Mos Burger, which was still nice, but more expensive than the SukiYa.

Across from Mos Burger was the good ole' Animate store. ^.^  It was busy, but everyone was getting out of school and work, so of course it was rush hour.

I am happy to have been able to go back to Hep Five and get a new pair of earrings.  I have been missing a pair for a while, and Hep Five has awesome earrings for cheaper than what you can get in the States. I just decided to save my money that way and get them here. ^.^

In the basement of Hep Five, is a huge shopping center connected to the stations, some other malls and tons of food places.

The parfait at one of the many cafes was delicious! Minus the lots of fruit, but I don't particularly like fruit with ice cream and cake. >.<  But either way, it was lovely! 

People here in Japan are very friendly and accommodating. There are the few that discriminate, but it is not really much of a deal to me.  Discrimination is everywhere, it happens, nothing you can REALLY do about it except pity the person for their naiivety.

I guess that is all for tonight. There was really a lot that happened today, but after a long day beginning at 6am, it is hard to really want to write minute detail. @.@  Perhaps I will update this post and elaborate a bit more tomorrow. ^.^



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