Sunday, September 11, 2011

Osaka: Nipponbashi and Volks

Today was super exciting!!!  Today was the day that we all decided to go and hunt out Volks, so that we can check out the famous Dollfie vender. And. It. Was. Awesome. 

But. Before that. ^.^

We found a place just like a SukiYa right here in front of the university. This was a HUGE relief, and their gyudon is epic. ^.^  It was really nice and refreshing to taste real gyudon again. 

Next, we found ourselves in need to find our way to Volks.  Like yesterday, we took the Hyanku line to Osaka Station, and then we actually switched this time to the Midosouji line to Nanba Station. This was just the easy part though...
We walked for what seemed like FOREVER.  We ended up getting a little lost on Ota, because the directions said Ota Dori. But we didn't see the store. Finally I went to a hobby shop and got someone to show a map and direct us to the store. He was really nice and really helpful.  And before that, we couldn't find Ota, and a really nice man at the conbini (convenience store) showed me where to go.

Gundam shop located down the street from Volks.

And WHALA! We turn the corner, and walk a little ways a BAM! GIANT VOLKS SIGN RIGHT IN THE FACE! lol  It was hard to miss once you come up onto it.

Volks: Tenshi no Sumika (Osaka Showroom)

The next hard part was going up the stairs.... seven flights... OMG.... But it was a good walk. 

When we got to the Dollfie Showroom, it was everything awesome. :)  All of Volk's best molds on display all around the room. :)  As standard, pictures are not allowed inside the showroom. There were two women working today, and I went to ask about how to do the Full Choice System for when I have saved up my money to come back...

And I got sat down and somehow ended up doing the FCS without really meaning to. O.O  I was really worried about money at first, because it cost me 89,400¥.  I was going to cancel and do it later (as intended), but it would cost me 10500¥ to cancel.  So I had Ashy come with me to withdraw my money from Nephelin so that I could pay for it.  We went back, and I began the wonderfully amazing process of getting my first Volks doll. :)

The nice lady spoke Japanese, but a little English, and we would communicate back and forth with computer translations and denshi jishou.  She was really patient, nice, and helpful, and she explained every step of the way.

She showed me the first section of the binder, which showed me all of the available molds for the FCS. Of course, I went with F-22.  I LOVE Kun, and have been wanting Kun for a little while now. F-22 is such an androgynous, cute and flexible mold that I immediate fell in love with it as both, a girl and a boy.  At first, I was going to begin making Ciel.  The next part was skin color, and then they showed me all of the available wigs. Originally, I was going to make Ciel Phantomhive, but decided against it halfway through and changed to making my original, Rogue. They don't have blue wigs, but I went with a lovely FCS only wig for the time being.

Then I chose the eyes. A really lovely blue, glass style.  Then I got to choose the eye size, if they are to be glued or not, eyelash color and type, and if the eyes and lashes are to be glued in or not. Next is the sex. Boy or girl? I went with my first SD girl. ^.^  With a jointed body type and everything else double jointed. Next is arm length.  I was going to get a case for the doll at first, but I decided to wait a while. I want to save for a violin doll case. They are soooo lovely and wonderful!

The faceup was one of my favorite parts of the FCS. I found a lovely faceup in the examples, and I took that and altered what I wanted from that. They have it just perfect. I can't wait to see it on the doll herself. I am sure she will be really lovely~!  I am worried that her eyes may be a little too black. I told them a little black, but I almost think the brown would be better. :(  I guess I will have to wait and see.

I figured I would wait on the clothing as well. I will get clothing at the Dollpa. :)  I am wanting to get another kimono. <3  I have mine with me right now that she can wear for now.

But that is the basics of the FCS. I can't believe I actually did it.  It is kind of only JUST sinking in. O.o  I should be able to pick her up around November 13. SO EXCITED.

We got to talking to the woman who guided me through my FCS. She has a little over 10 dolls! O.O  She said that her dad thinks it's too expensive, and then laughed about it. lol  I guess a lot of us doll owners who are younger can relate to that and see it as an inside joke. :)  I am really thankful to her. She was super helpful and VERY kind and patient.  :)

My DOD Twing-Key. I plan on making this character out of Volks F-22. ^.^ 

We went to McDonald's on the way back.  We had a lot of fun people watching. :)  We were pretty amazed at the area. It was the super awesome electric/anime district of Osaka. It was all anime, game, figure and hobby shops.  Basically, the Akibahara of Osaka. :)  It was really cool, really big, and really busy!  Loved it!  TONS of maid cafes.  I heard Osaka was famous for some of their Maid Cafes.  Maybe we will go to one this year. :)

Wait for it....

The way back was tiring. The train switched tracks on the way back, so we had to pay extra and double back. It turned a 30 minute ride into a hour and half ride from Umeda to the dorms. @.@ 

But eh. It's Japan. It's big. It's busy. It's awesome. :)


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